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Peter Drew’s personal studio is fully equipped for high-quality voice-overs and production, including a Shure KSM-32 mic, Focusrite Voice-Master mic-pre/compressor, Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro board, Lynx One audio interface, Sonic Foundry Vegas digital editor, Event 20/20 monitors, Panasonic SV-3800 DAT deck, JVC cassette deck, Sony CD player, Gentner phone hybrid, and Musicam Roadrunner codec.

Voiceovers and audio delivered via ISDN, MP3 files by e-mail, FTP, or on CD or DAT by overnight delivery. Phone patch available for directing MP3 sessions.

“Peter Drew has been our “in-house” voice for years. We use him almost exclusively for a variety of clients because he has the versatility, range, and quick turnaround required by our demanding clients. He does everything from his personal studio. We pay only for the voice-over, not studio time, which saves our clients money.”

Janet Leslie
Janet Leslie Productions

Peter Drew Voiceovers, voice over talent, is a worldwide provider of voice-overs for radio commercials; TV commercials; radio imaging and promos; TV imaging and promos; video games; and industrials, including narration of new media, phone prompts, and message on hold, with same-day delivery by ISDN or MP3 via the Internet.  Copyright 2008 Peter Drew Voiceovers