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Experienced voice over talent providing voiceovers worldwide via ISDN and the Internet.

TV Imaging

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■ Delivery by: ISDN, MP3, overnight CD or DAT

■ MP3 sessions may be directed by phone patch

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Versatile. Believable. Directable. Peter Drew brings your script to life.

Recent imaging gigs added: WFTS-TV, BizRadio Network, KTSO-FM, Metro FM 97.2, Spacetoon Channel, KMIZ, WIFR, KQFX, WWTV, WJCL, KZOU, WWUP, Radio Psylone, WPTC-FM, Walsall FM, KKQY-FM, Cool FM

Demos: TV & Radio imaging, Spots & Narrations, Message-on-Hold, Web/Flash

Please check out Voiceover Articles: periodically updated information of interest to those who cast and those who are cast in the world of voice overs.

Recent national spots include: Sunny D, Verizon Wireless, Ted Nugent-Love Grenade CD, Church’s Chicken, Bob Dylan-Don’t Look Back DVD, Curad, Roger Hodgson-New CD

International spot: Stimorol Gum, Denmark

Recent regional spots include: Virginia Lottery, Time Warner Cable-Buffalo Bills Network

Wrote/produced Gold Medal, MarCom Creative Awards, TV PSA “Safer Schools”

Recent narrations: UBS Financial Online Services Tour (then click”To take a tour and learn about”), IBM, Dell Computer, Verizon, Roadway, DHL, Cadbury-Adams, Takata Corp., US Army Medical Materiel Agency

Provided voiceovers for 9&10 News’ Michigan Emmy Award winner for Best Marketing Materials and Promos, "Edmund Fitzgerald, Thirty Years a Legend"

Provided voiceover for Fox 61/WTIC-TV’s Boston/New England Emmy Award winner for Program - Single Spot, "Subway Series" - Producer: Chad Sherman. Excellent concept and effects.

Peter Drew Voiceovers, voice over talent, is a worldwide provider of voice-overs for radio commercials; TV commercials; radio imaging and promos; TV imaging and promos; video games; and industrials, including narration of new media, phone prompts, and message on hold, with same-day delivery by ISDN or MP3 via the Internet.  Copyright 2008 Peter Drew Voiceovers, 87 Church Street, East Hartford, CT  06108